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Wedding & Personalized Chocolates

We can print almost anything onto our wrappers, if you can think of it we can print it.

We have two sizes available in our chocolate, a individual one which is 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm and a small bar which is 3.5 cm by 7 cm 

Click on Images below to see a range of different bars we have done. 

Individual Chocolates    

18 Individual (50p each)               £9.00

36 Individual (50p each)               £18.00

54 Individual (45p each)               £24.30

72 Individual (45p each)               £32.40

90 Individual (40p each)               £36.00


Bars of Chocolate           

1 Bar (£1 each)                               £1.00

9 Bars (£1 each)                            £9.00

18 Bars (90p each)                        £16.20

27 Bars (90p each)                        £24.30

36 Bars (80p each)                        £28.80

45 Bars (80p each)                        £40.50

More about our Chocolate Bars

Want to make your occasion extra special, Our hand wrapped chocolates with your bespoke wrappers are a perfect treat.

All strip chocolates come supplied in a Cellophane sleeve with insert to keep item straight.

We do use black boarders on our chocolates as each wrapper is hand cut, not machine cut, we also use a 135gm glossy paper so our bars are more durable.

Details of the chocolate - 

(may also contain traces of nuts) Best Before Date: March 2022

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole MILK Powder, cocoa mass, lactose (MILK), whey powder, emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin.

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All of the sweets have very long sell by dates and are from well known brands so you know you are getting good quality sweets with every order, Certain brands i.e. Lions please message first. Sweets may vary from time to time to those illustrated in the picture but will be replaced by equal or better products.